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Monday, January 27, 2014


A one of a kind movie......

Russian soldiers uncover a tomb of Dracula and his servants during an excavation and one of the servants comes back to life as well as a hound of Dracula. Both head for America and seek out the only living descendent of Dracula.

Reggie Nalder is the descendent of the vampire who seeks to keep the bloodline alive and the hound, named Zoltan is terrorizing the family while they are on vacation. Zoltan sinks his fangs into the area dogs in scenes that are very amusing and downright odd.

Michael Pataki is Michael Drake, a descendent of Dracula who is sought to keep the bloodline alive. This is drive-in fodder at it's very best. It is indeed one of the oddest films I have ever seen. Jose Ferrer is also on hand as an Inspector from Russia that is hot on the trail of the monsters.

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