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Sunday, January 26, 2014


Roger and Julie Corman strike again.

Corman's New World Pictures turned out this exploitation classic about three gorgeous female nurses who fight murder, underground drug traffickers and racism at a local hospital.

As is usual, that is the very basic plot of these films. Usually something very simple as people who watch these are not looking for anything too deep, and that goes for me as well. I like this film. The women are gorgeous and it reminds me of the best times of my life in the 70's.

The band that sings the title song and also appears in the bar sequences is Sky, an they are very good. I believe they released two albums during the early 70's and were produced by Gary Wright. The nurses are played by Kathy Cannon, Joyce Williams and Pegi Boucher. Rounding out the cast is Paul Hampton, Joseph Kaufman and Paul Gleason. On a quick trivia note..there are four women depicted in the was a model who NEVER appeared in the film!!

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