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Saturday, January 25, 2014


Fun little 40's comedy/horror film.

Bela Lugosi stars in this film about two bumbling talent agents who are sent by a gangster, who is opening up a nightclub, to a small remote island to find a real zombie to use in an act.

Wally brown and Alan Carney are the two agents who run afoul of scientist Bela Lugosi on a small island. They meet a sexy nightclub singer named Jean, played by gorgeous Anne Jeffreys. Sheldon Leonard is the gangster, and this part fits him perfectly.

There are a lot of sight gags in this film which does have is humorous moments. Lugosi is menacing as the mad doctor who already has created one zombie played by Darby Jones, who was also a tall zombie in the classic "I Walked With A Zombie".

Good fun for those not looking for anything too serious. The rest of the cast includes Frank Jenks and Russell Hopton.

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