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Sunday, January 26, 2014


Another fine film noir on Blu-ray.

Steve Cochran and Howard Duff are two policemen who steal $80,000 from a dead crook. Cochran has fallen in love with Lilli Marlowe, a bar singer and wants to go to Mexico and start a new life. Duff is an honest, married cop who has a guilty conscience and wants to turn the money in.

Cochran is great as Cal Bruner a cop without honor. This fascinating film was written by Collier Young and Ida Lupino, who also plays Lilli Marlowe. Lupino always did great work and this is a shining example. Dean Jagger is their Capt. named Michaels who quietly suspects something happened to the money and actually sets up a unique way to entrap Cochran.

Don Siegel directed this film and he does his usual good job.

Thanks to Olive, this obscure film noir is finally available to see and it looks stunning. The rest of the cast includes Dorothy Malone, Dabbs Greer and Bridget Duff. Recommended!!

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