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Thursday, January 30, 2014


Legend had turned out these two films in a very entertaining double feature drive in program.

First up was Voodoo Man from 1944. Bela Lugosi is a man who attempts to bring his dead wife back to life using kidnapped women and Voodoo rites. She has been dead for 22 years and he hasn't given up trying yet. John Carradine is on hand as a half wit who kiddnapes the women once their cars get stalled on a lonesome dirt road.

George Zucco is a gas station owner who knows Voodoo rites and calls Lugosi every time a lone female stops at his station. I find it ironic that the town they are headed to is called Twin Falls since that is where I

The entire movie is totally entertaining and it is the bizarre antics of Zucco and Carradine that steal the show. Tod Andrews is also on hand as the hero and Wanda McKay makes a lovely leading lady. One of the best Bela Lugosi films that eserves to be seen more than it is.

The Corpse Vanishes is another Lugosi vehicle in which he kidnaps brides in order to keep his dying wife alive. He steals the gland fluid from their bodies as she needs it to stay young. Lugosi is as menacing in this film as in any other, but the role of his wife as essayed by Elizabeth Russell tops them all. She is cruel and very uncaring except foe her own well being.

Tris Coffin is the young hero who discovers what is happening along with a female reporter played by Luana Walters. This is good fun and the entire DVD was an experience to behold. Besides the two films you got all the usual Drive in commercials and coming attractions. A great disc from Legend.

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