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Friday, September 19, 2014


Finally the wait is over!

One of the most influential films within the Blaxploitation genre finally comes to Blu-ray from Kino.

Calvin Lockhart is a shady reverend who raises money for his "Back To Africa" campaign, and a huge amount of it is stolen during a pledge drive stop in Harlem. The thieves all die and the money, hidden in a bale of cotton falls out of the truck.

Two street wise detectives, Grave Digger Jones, played by Godfrey Cambridge and Coffin Ed Johnson, played by the marvelous Raymond St. Jacques are on the case. They are hamstrung by everyone in the department during the investigation, but they proceed on their own.

This is a great mixture of action, comedy and adventure. The absolute standout is gorgeous Judy Pace as Iris, the girlfriend of Lockhart's Reverend Deke O'Malley. My God, Judy tries to seduce the cop that is watching her, and seeing her in the buff is JUST TOO MUCH!!! It's a great scene filled with dynamite sex appeal and comedy.

Directed by actor Ossie Davis, this film hits every mark just perfectly. The dialogue is snappy and the entire film moves at a very brisk pace. The Blu-ray presentation is flawless and I cannot recommend this film enough. Touchstone filmmaking here!!

The rest of the cast includes Redd Foxx (in a great role), John Anderson, Lou Jacobi, Eugene Rocje, J.D. Cannon and Cleavon Little.

Get this movie!! Did I mention that the gorgeous Judy Pace is in the film???

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