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Tuesday, September 9, 2014


A neglected gem from the mid 40's

Rondo Hatton stars as "The Creeper" a huge, disfigured killer who is breaking the backs of his victims. He chooses his victims from the people he blames for his disfigurement as the result of a practical joke.

This film is very familiar in theme to many later slasher films of the 80's, but with no gore of course. Hatton has a real life disease called acromegaly which deformed him and he was perfect for the part.

Universal disowned this film, so PRC picked it up and distributed it. It has been neglected over the years and I cannot figure out why. it's a great horror/mystery film that should please any fan. The rest of the cast includes Tom Neal, Jane Adams and Jan Wiley.

hatton's character would return in "House Of Horrors" and also appeared two years earlier in "Pearl of Death" which was a Sherlock Holmes entry.

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