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Saturday, September 6, 2014


Back in 1984 I had to make a trip to Los Angeles, a city I cannot stand and had to stay there for a while, and that was when I found out about a small company selling movies.

It was a company called Sinister Cinema and the small little catalog they offered had some films I hadn't seen in an awful long time. This was shortly after the VHS craze hit and it was a revelation. The first VHS tape I ever bought was a movie entitled "Fangs Of the Living Dead" which is one of my favorite films.

I salivated for this film to come and when it did I immediately sat down to watch it, and was hooked. The owner, Greg Luce had sent a catalog with the tape and I couldn't wait to order more.

Flash forward 30 years and I have seen hundreds of VHS tapes and DVD's from Sinister. Many of them I still have, some have been lost in divorce and such. The quality of the films has improved greatly since 1984 and in that I mean picture quality.

Greg Luce used to host a show called Sinister Cinema under the name Sonny Joe Fox and I had people record them and send them to me. Sinister has been a part of my life over the last 30 years and I have ordered faithfully from them at least once a year. This year I have yet to order because things have been a little tight, but I hope everyone who reads this will or has ordered something from them.

Greg has a great company and provides top notch customer service. I have to also say that in 30 years I have only had one defect, and that was taken care of quickly. Visit them at and see what a great, eclectic collection he has for sale.

I don't know if Greg will see this, but I have to say THANK YOU for making the last 30 years enjoyable with all those great titles.

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