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Friday, September 26, 2014


Oliver Stone directed this little gem.

Jonathan Frid plays Edmund Blackstone, a writer who has a few bizarre ideas in his mind, but puts them aside when he invites some friends to his estate for the weekend.

During the course of the evening three strange figures, and evil dwarf named Spider, a huge executioner called Jackal and a woman calling herself the Black Queen (Martine Beswick) invade the house and kill Blackstone's house guests one by one.

The three killers are actually from Blackstone's mind, but that is really never made too clear as a news report in the background says that three escapees from the local asylum are still on the loose. The ending is a double surprise that will really catch your attention.

This is a great horror film that is so sadly underrated. In my opinion it is the only film Stone ever made that is good. The Blu-ray is the best I have ever seen the film. If you like horror films, I cannot see why you haven't invested in this one.

The rest of the cast includes Mary Woronov, Joseph Sirola, Herve Villechaize, Troy Donahue, Henry Judd Baker and Christina Pickles.

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