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Wednesday, September 24, 2014


One of the all time classics.

Watching old Universal films like this one after not seeing it for a year or so is like having a very old friend stop by for a visit. It's very comforting.

Richard Carlson is an astronomer named John Putnam that most people in the small town in which he lives, think he is a little crazy by being fascinated with the stars.

One night while spending time with his soon to be wife, Ellen Fields, played by gorgeous Barbara Rush, a huge meteor lands near the small desert town. It turns out to be a spaceship that has accidentally crashed.

Putnam wants to talk with the aliens who are assuming the bodies of missing citizens of the town while the Sheriff, Matt Warren, played with gusto by Charles Drake wants to kill them.

Based on the classic Ray Bradbury story, this excellent effort helmed by Jack Arnold, is a perfect example of classic filmmaking. Released in 3D originally, it works in 2D just as well. I first saw this on KHQ TV from Spokane, WA on a Saturday afternoon on a double feature with "Creature From The Black Lagoon".

The rest of the cast includes Joe Sawyer, Russell Johnson and sexy Kathleen Hughes. I have nothing more to say except this is the epitome of 50's sci-fi.

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