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Tuesday, September 23, 2014


A nifty 50's sci-fi film that has fallen thru the cracks.

A scientist invents a machine that can predict earthquakes and it proves to work very well as it predicts several major quakes around the world.

It is soon discovered that a new element is pushing upward from inside the Earth and will soon cause enough pressure to cause the entire world to explode. Scientists race against time to stop this from happening.

Fred Sears directed this effort, and there isn't a lot of action, but it is fun in a Saturday matinee style. The print quality from Sony is picture perfect and I am glad they turned this out.

The cast includes Kathryn Grant, William Leslie, Tristram Coffin and Raymond Greenleaf.

Yes, I reviewed this a couple of years ago, but just wanted to revisit it since it seems to be a somewhat forgotten film.

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