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Monday, September 22, 2014


Fred Olen Ray strikes again.

Maxwell Caulfield stars as the Sheriff of a small mountain community that is terrorized by an unknown monster that is tearing people apart.

He soon discovers that an animal has escaped from a secret lab located in the mountains and it is called a Dire Wolf and it is a mixture of prehistoric wolf genes and human DNA.

The monster is very convincing, but the CGI blood effects aren't so great. However, I didn't let that ruin my enjoyment of this film. I have always liked what Fred has turned out because I think he has a very good idea of what people who like these kinds of films wants to see.

Caulfield plays the Sheriff totally tongue in cheek and when his character meets an untimely end at the hands of the beast, his final words are priceless. I originally saw this on DVD a few years ago under the title "Dino Wolf" which is the totally uncut version of the film.

I recommend this film to horror fans as it was made just for us.

The rest of the cast includes Steven Lee Allen, Dawn Ann Billings, and Gil Gerard as Col. Hendry.

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