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Tuesday, September 30, 2014


One of my favorite Spanish horror films.

This is an odd euro horror about a young woman who goes to a castle to work for a man as a biochemist. The surrounding area has been plagued by several brutal murders.

The castle is owned by Janos Dalmar and it seems he is somehow connected to the murders. The young woman has several incidents which she seems to think are dreams in which she is chained to a stretching rack and fondled by a scarred being.

It turns out that Janos has a brother who was scarred in a fire many years ago, and he has been committing the murders.

The film is slow in spots, but it should hold your attention. The print from Sinister is ok, but it is out of sequence with the rack scenes. Both are put in the film back to back, which I thought is kind of odd, but it really doesn't do any damage to the film itself.

Recommended viewing for Euro horror fans.

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