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Saturday, July 2, 2016


A very twisted and enjoyable film.

John Considine stars as Dr. Death, a man who is over a thousand years old because he has gained the ability to reincarnate himself inside of other bodies!!

One day his assistant Tana finds a man, Fred Saunders (Barry Coe) who is very distraught over his wife Laura's death and she brings him to Dr. Death. Saunders pays him $50,000 to bring his wife back. Soon the good Doctor puts his plan to work, but cannot find a soul that will enter her dead body.

This starts a bizarre killing spree which absolutely delights Doctor Death. Saunders calls the entire thing off as he doesn't condone the senseless murders, but Doctor Death is adamant about finding a soul for the body.

This is an outlandish, but totally enjoyable piece of 70's horror, and Considine knows how to ham it up very good. Florence Marley is Tana and she is even killed by Doctor Death who seems to have no regard for her. In his spare time he ogles the body of a beautiful woman he has brought back to life. The stunning young woman named Venus is played by Sivi Aberg, and boy does she turn the doctor into a drooling maniac, which is about the same reaction I had when I saw her on screen.

This film has a lot going for it including a kicker ending you gotta see!!

This wonderful looking Blu-ray is a short pressing of 1000, and it did cost a little extra, but in my opinion, was well worth it. A great recommended horror film with a supporting cast that includes Cheryl Miller, Jo Morrow (as the dead Laura Saunders),Moe Howard, Stewart Moss and Leon Askin.

If you're interested i would pick this up before it goes out of print. No horror fan should be without it.

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