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Saturday, July 30, 2016


Odd but enjoyable little film.

William Dieterle directed this obscure film about a Swedish scientist who has developed a top secret formula who is kidnapped by enemy agents.

The story takes us to many different parts of the world including Naples, Thailand and much more as agents seek to find the missing scientist.

His daughter is played by the very beautiful Martha Hyer and she does well as she did in every role she had. This is a color production and in some scenes the color is washed out, but that is no big deal.

Sabu is also on hand as the scientist's trusted partner who must take the secret formula to a very safe hiding place. Lots of gunfights and the usual espionage hi-jinks, but a very fun film that runs almost two hours.

Thanks to Sinister Cinema this can once again be unspooled for the masses.

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