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Tuesday, July 19, 2016


I haven't seen this film is ages.

Laurette Luiz stars as Tigri, a member of an all female tribe that sets out to find mates in this bizarre caveman/woman films from Alliance Productions.

Allan Nixon is Engor the leader of a small tribe of men who are out hunting one day and are suddenly captured by Tigri and her women.

A narrator holds the story together since there is basically no dialogue. There are no dinosaurs in this film but there is a Mammoth, a weird flying monster and Guadi, a huge man-monster that goes around capturing and killing the stone age people for no reason. Guadi is played by Johann Pertusson who in real life was an Icelandic actor who stood 7ft. 4in. and was popular in carnivals and such.

Most all of the cavewomen look like fashion models, but I wouldn't complain about that. Luiz does an ok job in the lead role as do Joan Shawlee, Judy Mandon and Mara Lynn.

All ends well with the men and women falling in love, getting married in a primitive ceremony and starting their own tribe. The film is unique as it is in color, which was usually reserved for bigger budgeted movies of the time. The print is ok, but sadly the night scenes are very dark and I do wish i could find a better print.

Just shut off your mind and watch this little'll probably enjoy it. I know I did, and besides, Laurette Luiz has always been one of my favorite actresses. I wish her career had been bigger.

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