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Thursday, July 21, 2016


Thanks to the late, great Mike Vraney this film is saved forever.

It has been almost five years since I wrote about this film or saw it and I watched this the other day and figured it is time for an update.

Anthony Eisley is a circus owner whose show is slowly going bankrupt. A big corporation wants to buy him out and he refuses. He hears of a huge gorilla living in Africa and sets off to find him.

In Africa he meets a young woman in much the same trouble as he is and they form a partnership to find the giant gorilla called Gorga.

Eisley and Kent Taylor plus Scott Brady turn in ok acting performances, but the rest of the cast...oh my. Megan Timothy is April Adams and she flubs a lot of lines and what amazes me is that they didn't even cut those and do retakes!! After putting up with a lot of trekking thru phony African jungles we finally meet the tribe who worship Gorga, and what a pathetic lot they are.

They look more like Aztecs and their leader is played by the same actor who also plays a clown at the beginning of the film.And his delivery of lines is about as bad as anything I have ever heard. When we finally see Gorga it is very apparent that this is a dime store gorilla mask whose eyes never blink or move and is made of hard plastic!!

It only gets better. There is a titanic fight between Gorga and a prehistoric monster that easily ranks as the WORST monster fight in screen history. First you have Gorga and then you have a small plastic dinosaur and the filmmakers don't even bother to hide that fact. This part of the movie has to be seen to be believed!!

A friend named Scott Lawrence sent me this film on VHS many years ago when it ran on Elvira's Movie Macabre, and I will NEVER forget it. This movie is a laugh riot and that is not a slam. Director David Hewitt has made some interesting films, and this is probably my favorite.

If you haven't seen this wonder, I suggest you do soon. It is still available and waiting for you to find it. Be warned, you may never laugh so hard at a film as you do this one. The technical marvels of this film would fill a three page review so I will stop here.


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