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Saturday, July 16, 2016


It looks like Universal is releasing more of their films on Blu-ray.

Their 8 film collection of titles including BRIDES OF DRACULA, CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF, NIGHT CREATURES, PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, KISS OF THE VAMPIRE, PARANOIAC, NIGHTMARE and EVIL OF FRANKENSTEIN will be out on Sept. 13th. This is good news to anyone who wants to pick these up on Blu-ray.

Universal has also just announced that their collections of FRANKENSTEIN THE LEGACY COLLECTION and THE WOLFMAN LEGACY COLLECTION will be out on Blu-ray Sept. 13th as well.

Now, while this is great news I do wish that the powers that be at Universal would start releasing some of their unsung gems on Blu-ray as well. I know a lot of customers that have more than triple dipped for some of these titles and it is getting old.

The "twenty somethings" that run the studio must have no faith in their other works. I don't think I'll be dipping into my pockets again for these titles, but for those so inclined have a ball.

I have no retail prices on these sets yet. I would appreciate hearing from anyone with an opinion on this or to tell me what other titles you's like them to release on Blu-ray.

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