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Sunday, July 24, 2016


Strange, but very interesting horror film.

A group of daring bank robbers hijack a plane and force the father and daughter to fly them to Mexico, but they have a serious problem when one of their own jumps from the plane with the 3 million dollars.

Bert lands in a field near a farmhouse and finds that is has a lot of scarecrows around. While his com-padres are looking for a place to land the plane, Bert finds the scarecrows are not what they seem. When the others land and start looking for him and the money, they get much more than they ever bargained for.

All of the horror takes place on one very long and dark night, and I have to admit that they scarecrows are some of the creepiest monsters I have seen in a movie for a long time. There are some gory shocks in this film and they are pulled off very well.

When this came out in 1988 it was ignored and yet it's actually one of the best horror films of the period. Director William Wesley was practically a one man show because he also produced and wrote the film.

If you want a good scare late at night, put this little thriller on and watch. I guarantee it will scare you or at least give you the willies. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

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