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Sunday, July 31, 2016


A somewhat overlooked sci-fi gem.

Yes, I have reviewed this before, but I love this film and finally saw the Blu-ray edition from Olive.

Dana Andrews stars in this wonderful film as a scientist who is trying to harness energy from magma under the crust of the earth.

He plans to shoot a nuclear missile thru the crust in order to get to that treasured source. Kieron Moore is a young scientist who objects to the plan an tires to no avail to stop it.

At first all seems to go well, but then reports come in about severe earthquakes around the globe, and it is learned that a crack has started to develop around the world. A plan is put in motion to stop it.

Beautiful Janette Scott never looked lovelier than she does in this film. Her character is married to Dana Andrews who rejects her due to his illness and his work, and that is something I just don't get, but hey don't all these scientist types in these films neglect beautiful woman?

The Blu-ray is damn near flawless in picture and sound. The sound on this will really blow you away. If you love sci-fi films, I recommend this little gem. I feel sometimes it is overlooked and I don't know why. Check it out.

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