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Thursday, September 10, 2015


The Mario Bava classic comes to Blu-ray thanks to Kino.

Easily one of the most terrifying films I have ever seen and I say that because it made an indelible impression on my in my youth that has never left me.

Boris Karloff hosts three tales of terror. His intros are quite fun and shows he has his tongue firmly planted in cheek, byut the stories are anything but funny. This is the US AIP version so the first tale is "A Drop of Water". In this tale a witch dies and a young woman who was her caretaker comes to her house to prepare her body for the burial.

She steals a ring from the finger of the corpse and soon finds the old, ugly witch haunting her to death. Some of the most effective chills are when the corpse suddenly appears to the woman sitting in a chair and then floating towards her as she screams in terror.

The second tale is entitled "The Telephone" and it centers around a very beautiful woman who keeps getting calls from a former boyfriend who is dead, or so she thinks. Michele Mercier is simply gorgeous as Rosy, the woman haunted by her past.

The third and final tale stars Karloff himself as a man who comes back from a manhunt changed into a deadly vampire that only wants blood from those that he loves. mark Damon is a young man caught up in this bizarre family. The ending to this story is a real shocker.

The Blu-ray really shows Bavas great knack for cinematography and the color schemes are a sight to behold. This is a movie that shouldn't be missed by any self respecting horror fan. Beware the Wurdalak!!

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