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Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Very well made modern horror shocker.

Modern films do not impress me much, but this one is made with style and class, which is rare today.

A 19 year old girl named Jay has an innocent sexual encounter and soon finds herself being stalked by a creepy as hell supernatural force that must kill her unless she passes the "curse" along by having sex with another person.

She eventually proves the things existence to her friends who band together to help her. Every move they make against the things has no effect and one of her friends ends up dying in a scene that when seen isn't forgotten soon.

This film harkens back to the late 70's early 80's horror films. There isn't much modern equipment in this film such as computers and new cars etc. David Mitchell, the director knows how to bring scares out without showing much, and it works very well.

The ending is abrupt and leaves the door open for continuing the cycle. I like the fact that there is NO explanation as to why this thing is following certain people, or why it kills. It was refreshing to see a movie that left all questions unanswered.

In two scenes a character is watching such sci-fi classics as "Killers From Space" and "Voyage To the Planet Of Prehistoric Women" which added even more fun to this thriller.

One other things that adds to the despair of the film is the Michigan setting. The run down houses, abandoned building and decay of the area in general adds a lot to the impending doom. If you haven't seen this yet I think you should as soon as possible.

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