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Monday, September 14, 2015


Caught up on some movie watching the other day and here are just a couple of what I viewed.

THE BIG BLUFF 1955 (ALPHA)...excellent film noir from W. Lee Wilder. John Bromfield is a lothario who decides to marry a young woman who is dying in order to get her money. When she isn't going to die fast enough he and his lover plot a murder. Things don't go quite as smooth as our lothario thinks they will.

This has one of the best twist ending I have ever seen, and it actually makes you feel a tad sorry for the Bromfield character. Martha Vickers is the dying woman, Valarie Bancroft, Robert Hutton and Rosemarie Rowe also star. Rowe ended her career and married Robert Stack. Sad because the Butte Montana born beauty was really beautiful before the cameras.

AL CAPONE 1959 (WARNER ARCHIVE)... Rod Steiger stars as Al Capone in this very well made gangster flick which chronicles the rise and fall of one of the most notorious people in modern US history.

Director Richard Wilson makes the most out of his cast and Steiger really steals the show. The film shows Capone's arrival in Chicago just before prohibition and how he became the most ruthless man in the Windy city.\

The rest of the cast includes fay Spain, Martin Balsam, Nehemiah Persoff, Murvyn Vye as "Bugs" Moran, James Gregory as the cop who works many years to finally get Capone, Sandy Kenyon and Raymond Baily.

If you like gangster films and film noir, these two are well worth checking out.

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