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Monday, September 28, 2015


The title pretty much sums up this Stooges comedy.

I had reviewed this movie a long while back on DVD and now Mill Creek brings it to us in a beautiful Blu-ray edition with two other Stooge films that will be appearing here shortly.

They travel back in time via a bumbling inventors' time machine to ancient Greece. there they are called "Gods" and are treated as such until they get into their usual messes, and then they find themselves fighting King Odius and his right hand man Hercules.

There are laughs a plenty as they pull their usual gags, which never seem to grow old. I still find myself laughing out loud at all the craziness. Hercules is played by Samson Burke and Quinn Redecker is inventor Schuler Davis who is such a nerd that he cannot see the advances made by a very lovely woman named Diane, played by Vicki Trickett.

I recommend this is you need a good laugh, and lets face it, we all do once in a while. Top notch fun with excellent picture quality.

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