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Thursday, September 3, 2015


Glad to see this film finally on Blu-ray.

Vincent price stars as Manderville, a magician, who along with his assistant, Rebecca (Martha Hyer) is working for a syndicate that kidnaps young women and forces them into slavery.

George Nader is Stephen Armstrong a man on vacation in Tangiers whose wife becomes a target after Steve becomes suspicious of Manderville. His wife Marie is played by the gorgeous Ann Smyrner.

After a close friend is murdered Steve becomes very interested in finding the killers and has to fight for his life on several occasions. Finally he infiltrates the title location and brings an end to the slavery ring.

This isn't as bad a film as most people say it is. I first saw it on the USA network many years ago and rather enjoyed it. Harry Alan Towers wrote it under his pseudonym of Peter Welbeck and Jeremy Summers directed. This reminds me of a Jess Franco film on many levels except there is no nudity.

The Blu-ray really brings out the colorful locations and if you're a fan of low budget 60's crime films, you will like this. I do recommend this title. The rest of the colorful cast includes maria Rohm, Herbert Fux and Wolfgang Keiling.

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