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Thursday, September 17, 2015


A classic sci-fi drama.

Charlton Heston stars as a detective in the year 2022 where the world is very overpopulated and crime is rampant. There are 40 million people living in New York and Heston must investigate the killing of a rich business man who is one of the people running a mysterious business known as The Soylent Corporation.

The investigation leads him down a very dark path with an even darker secret. Joseph Cotton is the millionaire who is killed and Heston falls for his "furniture" played by lovely Leigh Taylor Young.

Heston's last line of the film has gone to movie immortality, and it is no secret as to what it is. The movie itself starts as a detective drama in the future to a sci-fi thriller an the transition is a very smooth one.

Edward G. Robinson is Sol, an old man who lives with Heston's character named Thorn. Sol tells Thorn of how the world used to be before it became an overcrowded hothouse. His character reminds me of myself on many levels. I like this film a lot an recommend it to anyone.

The rest of the cast includes Chuck Conners, Brock Peters, Mike Henry and Paula Kelly.

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