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Wednesday, September 16, 2015


I reviewed this a while back, but decided to re-visit this again on Blu-ray.

In the year 2274 all seems perfect in an underground, domed society where people only live for pleasure and have no cares. The only problem is life must end at 30.

Most accept this, but a few try and escape and are called "runners". The people sent to catch and kill the "runners" are called "sandmen". Michael York stars as Logan, a "sandman". He is ordered to become a 'runner" and infiltrate a group of people living outside the domed world. This is called Sanctuary, and Logan must destroy it.

He is accompanied by a young woman he has met named Jessica (Jenny Agutter). They are pursued by "sandmen" and discover an old man living in a virtually uninhabited world. Then they must convince all those living in the domes that there is really beauty and safety outside.

This has always been a very cool concept in my opinion. I like this film and seeing it on Blu-ray was a revelation. The colors are very bold and crisp. It reminded me of when I first saw this in theaters back in 1976. It was so popular that it spawned a short lived TV series.

The rest of the cast includes Peter Ustinov as the old man and Farrah Fawcett, who looks delicious as only she could. RECOMMENDED!!

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