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Sunday, September 6, 2015


Again, another film a lot of people put down.

Jim Hutton stars as Arnold Masters who is taught Astral projection while in a mental hospital by another inmate. Masters is released from the hospital after someone comes forward and confesses to the crime Masters was jailed for.

Arnold then sets his goals and they are evil ones. He takes revenge on those he believes wronged him and his late mother. Some of the deaths are very gruesome, especially the one in which a butcher played by Neville Brand is cut to pieces by his meat cutting equipment.

Paul Burke is a detective on the case along with his partner played by Aldo Ray. Julie Adams is a doctor who took care of Arnold in the hospital and she falls in love with Burke while they are investigating the case.

This was produced by Marti Rustam and directed by actor Ray Danton and is very well acted. You just gotta love the banter between Brand's character and Della Reese in the butcher shop.

The entire movie is a very clever idea and it is never boring. I would recommend this to any horror fan. The rest of the cast includes Whit Bissell, Rod Cameron, Greydon Clark, Mary Wilcox, Judy Brown and Nehemiah Persoff.

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