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Tuesday, September 15, 2015


As Halloween nears there are several films coming out just in time.

Olive is releasing several titles from Slasher Video including "Death Nurse", "Cemetery Sisters", "Death Nurse 2", "Deadly Prey" and my personal favorite "Boarding House". These are scheduled for an Oct. 13th release date.

Olive is also releasing "A Black Veil For Lisa" which is a top notch crime drama starring John Mills and the ultra sexy Luciana Paluzzi. This will be on both DVD and Blu-ray on Oct. 27th along with another favorite of mine entitled "The One And Only" starring Henry Winkler.

Today sees the release of two great 70's films from Shout Factory......"The Legacy" and "The Sentinel". Both are great films that every horror fan should see.

On Oct. 13th Shout will release "Return Of Count Yorga" to Blu-ray and this just in....Shout has scheduled "The Brain That Wouldn't Die" for a Blu-ray release on Dec. 22nd. That makes for a great stocking stuffer on Christmas.

Plenty of good things ahead, and it will be posted here.

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