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Wednesday, September 2, 2015


This is the fifth and final installment in the franchise.

Ten years after apes have conquered humans, Caesar attempts to gets apes and humans to live together in peace, and it seems to be working ok until General Aldo decides that this isn't a good thing.

Aldo is impressively played by Claude Akins, and his performance almost steals the show. Caesar wants to find out more about his past so he, a human named McDonald (Austin Stoker) and Virgil (Paul Williams) journey to a destroyed city to find tapes of Caesar's father.

Unbeknownst to them, there is a small band of humans living in that city. they are scarred from radiation and very angry. They are led by Governor Kolp (Severn Darden) and Alma (France Nuyen). After chasing the three out of the city the humans decide, under Kolp to wage war on ape city and take their country back.

This movie wraps up the series nicely. The acting is fine and the battle sequences are very well staged. I recommend this entire series to anyone who likes good sci-fi. The rest of the cast includes Roddy McDowell (Caesar), Natalie Trundy, Lew Ayres, and Noah Keen.

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