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Monday, August 1, 2016


A Pam Grier classic!

One of the, if not the best film Pam ever appeared in! Grier stars as Coffy, a nurse that is getting rid of dope dealers in some very violent ways.

From the opening scene of her blowing a pushers head off you get the idea this woman means business. Her boyfriend is an up and coming politician who has vowed to stop the drug problem.

Coffy soon discovers that her boyfriend, Howard Brunswick (Booker Bradshaw) is in with the dope pushers big time.

There are so many standout scenes in this film it's hard to count them all. Coffy has a fight at a party with a blonde hooker who grabs Coffy's hair and gets a huge surprise when she grabs razor blades. The dragging death of King George (Robert DoQui) is something I will never forget.

This is classic blaxploitation and a film not to be missed. the Blu-ray disc from Olive is, again, wonderful. If you're a fan of 70's grindhouse films, Pam Grier and just great movies i can easily say you're gonna love this Blu-ray.

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