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Friday, September 2, 2016


My personal favorite of all of the films in the series, and the 3-D version to boot.

I say my favorite of the entire series and that is true, but to be honest I never ever saw any of the others after this because I know they suck. No movie franchise gets better with time....none.

This again has Jason killing a bunch of young people at a summer camp type getaway. Directed by Steve Miner, this film throws a lot of gimmicks at the screen to show off the 3-D process, and I think it's pretty cool.

The killing are pretty standard for the genre and are well done. This is my favorite of the series because I like the 3-D effects and the Harry Manfredini score is a standout.

I watched this with a friend the other night who has never seen a 3-D film and I figured this was a way to start her off. Again, not much in plot, but at least it's different. The rest of them were simply down hill.

Dana Kimmel, Gloria Charles and Richard Brooker star. An interesting side note is the fact that this is the film that started Jason wearing the now infamous hockey mask.

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