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Saturday, September 10, 2016


A most bizarre and interesting film.

William Friedkin who directed "The Exorcist" also helmed this little thriller from 1990.

A young couple hire a nanny to watch their son and they soon get way more than they bargained for. The nanny is very beautiful and slowly tries to seduce the husband, but what is even worse is that she is actually a Druid who needs the babies blood for a sacrifice to a most bizarre looking tree monster.

It sounds weird and it is, but not in a bad film-making kind of way. The opening of the film sets up exactly who and what the nanny is. Jenny Seagrove is excellent as Camilla the very enticing Druid. Dwier Brown and Carey Lowell are the couple whose very lives are put in jeopardy as well as their child.

Friedkin sets up some shots that really stand out including Camilla flying after her intended victim in a wooded area, and the tree monster is odd but very creepy. Also the coyotes who tear people apart are startling as well.

I was somewhat surprised to see this come out on Blu ray as it isn't a title one thinks of right away. Shout Factory has done their usual wonderful job in this presentation.

I would recommend this to horror fans. You may like it, you may not. I did because it's unusual to say the least.

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