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Monday, September 5, 2016


Strange film indeed.

Brett Piper directed this very offbeat little film. Both the IMDB and the box have the plot wrong.

They claim the giant crab is awakened by a meteor, but that is not correct. It seems that a scientist working on a strange chemical mixture is responsible after an explosion kills both himself and his wife. Their daughter has befriended a crab she finds and we flash forward a few years and their lies the crux of the story.

It seems this crab has grown to gigantic proportions and is attacking and killing people as well as livestock. This $75,000 wonder does feature some stop motion animation work which is nice to see, but the film as a whole really doesn't work.

The characters are people you really don't care about and the sub plot of the young woman caring and befriending the crab is really hard to swallow yet i am not sure why that is.

I have seen Piper's other films and I have liked them, but this one, while entertaining, does fall flat. I assume most of the meager budget went to the animation, but that is no excuse for shoddy story telling.

Kathryn Metz comes off as the best performer in the film as the sexy young woman who is perplexed by her friend's odd behavior and friendship with the crab.

You might want to check this out for a simple night's movie viewing, but you may feel like I do about the film.

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