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Thursday, September 8, 2016


Pretty damn good western.

Richard Egan is Wes Tancred, a man who was forced to shoot his best friend and kill him after his friend pulled a gun and attempted to shoot Wes in the back.

However, this has him branded a coward and word spreads fast, so fast that a song is even written about it! Wes then changes his name and travels around until he meets a young boy and his father that run a small stage station out in the desert. They are attacked by would be robbers that kill the boys father and in turn Wes kills all of them.

Wes takes the boy to live with his Uncle in Table Rock and gets involved with a cowardly Sheriff played by Cameron Mitchell and his lovely wife played by Dorothy Malone.

The Sheriff and the town are controlled by crooked men like Kirk who wants money from the cattlemen coming thru with their herd. The cattlemen let nothing stop them, including killing people and ruining their land just to get the cows thru.

Wes finally has to reveal who he is and has to face his second best friend named Jim Breck in a shoot out in the streets. I know this plot sound convoluted, and it may be, but this is a very interesting film with a lot going for it.

The cast is top notch and also includes DeForrest Kelly as Breck, John Dehner, Angie Dickinson, Paul Richards, Edward Andrews, Royal Dano and Billy Chapin.

This is an excellent film to spend 90 minutes with on a slow weekend. It keeps your interest and does not let you down. Charles Marquis Warren directed.

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