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Thursday, September 29, 2016


This film has been called the epitome of film noir.

Humphrey Bogart is Phillip Marlowe who is called into a case by a wealthy man who wants Marlowe to stop a blackmailer.

The blackmailer is trying to extort money from him to cover one of his daughter's gambling debts. Here is where Marlowe meets the very sexy Carmen Sternwood (Martha Vickers) and her sister Vivian (Lauren Bacall).

The plot is very, very convoluted and it hard to follow along, but that point has never seemed to bother any viewer of the film. The chemistry between the characters works perfectly and as usual, Bogie AND Bacall sizzle together on screen.

Howard Hawks directed this gem based of the Raymond Chandler novel and it has all the earmarks of a Hawks film such as a lot of snappy and overlapping dialogue.

This film probably has more plot twists than any other film in history and some of the questions go unanswered as do some of the character motivation, but to me that is what makes it so good. Sometimes life is that way as well.

The fine cast also includes Regis Toomey, John Ridgely, Bob Steele, Elisha Cook, Jr., and the stunning Dorothy Malone in a small role as a book store owner. Highly Recommended!!

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