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Saturday, September 3, 2016


A damn good movie.

I have reviewed this before in the regular DVD format, and this is the first time I have had the chance to see the Blu-ray version.

Oliver Reed stars as a chauffeur of a well to do family. He is plotting, along with their sexy maid (Susan George) and a mysterious third man named Jacmal (Klaus Kinski), to kidnap their son and hold him for ransom.

Well things don't go as planned when the young boy receives a snake from the pet store only to find there has been a mix up and he has in his possession a deadly Black Mamba.

Thanks to the nosy maid, the creature gets loose in the flat and that's when the terror really begins. Susan George dies a horrible death after being bitten multiple times in the first attack by the snake.

The tension builds from there between Kinski and Reed as they are trapped in the flat with the snake and the police outside. The child and his grandfather, played by Sterling Hayden, must fight for their lives as well against both men and the snake.

Director Piers Haggard keeps the tension building and the snake is not seen much, but after thew initial attack it's never forgotten.

I like this film a lot. It's a great combination of crime thriller and horror film and anything with Susan George is well worth watching. Watching her seduce Reed in her black underwear is probably a moment I won't ever forget.

Blue Underground has done a great job bringing this to Bluray. Highly recommended.

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