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Tuesday, September 20, 2016


A fine and underrated film noir.

Richard Basehart stars as a mild mannered drug store clerk named Warren Quimby who is married to a shrew named Claire played by the wonderful Audrey Totter.

Claire falls for another man and leaves her husband who at first wants to kill her and her new husband, but decides not to after he meets and falls for a beautiful woman named Mary played by Cyd Charisse.

However, Claire's new lover ends up dead anyway and she and Warren are accused of the crime. Police Lt. Collier Bonnabel (Barry Sullivan) and Lt. Gonsales (William Conrad) investigate an try to snap up the real killer.

This is a good little film noir and Audrey Totter steals the entire movie. Her character is cold and devoid of any feelings whatsoever. She is the perfect opposite of Basehart and it works perfectly.

John Barry directed this well made film and I wish things like this were available on Blu-ray, but we take what we can get. If you get a chance to see this film, do so.

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