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Thursday, May 7, 2015


One of the ten greatest science fiction films ever made.

Kevin McCarthy stars as Dr. Miles Bennell, who is called back to a small town from a doctor conference by his nurse who tells him that he has appointments with many, many people. Upon arriving home he finds that most of those people have cancelled their appointments.

He reunites with his ex-lover Becky Driscoll, played the the lovely Dana Wynter, and both sense an underlying "something" that is wrong in town. It is soon discovered that pod-like plants have landed on earth and are making replicas of humans who are devoid of emotion.

Becky and Miles fight to stay alive and before you know it they are the last two humans in town. Becky succumbs to sleep, which is when the duplicates take over. Miles flees in terror and finally makes the highway where nobody believes him as he shouts "They're Here Already".

Director Don Siegel does his usual fantastic job bringing to life a truly terrifying tale of alien invasion. I can only assume any who reads this blog has seen this film at some point in their life. Absolutely a must see film!!

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