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Saturday, May 9, 2015


Another Sinister Cinema Euro horror double bill.

PEOPLE WHO OWN THE DARK 1976 (SINISTER CINEMA) Paul Naschy stars in this very well ddone thriller about a group of De Sade worshipers that survive a nuclear war only to be stalked and hunted and then killed by the blind population of a nearby small town.

This film has some truly terrifying moments and some of it will remind you of "Night Of the Living Dead". Leon Klimovski does a very good job directing this gem and it should please any horror fan. The print from Sinister is in widescreen and looks very good.

ASSIGNMENT TERROR 1970 (SINISTER CINEMA) One of my favorite films stars Michael Rennie as an alien who comes to earth in order to start an invasion. He brings to life some of the classic monsters including Frankenstein, the Wolfman, the Mummy and Dracula.

The aliens also take over the dead bodies of two other earthlings including a scientist played by the gorgeous Karin Dor. They send the monsters on various rampages and it's fun to watch Rennie controlling the monsters while at the same time trying to get his assistants to fight the various emotions they are not supposed to have. Paul Naschy is the Wolfman, Waldamar Daninsky.

This is a fun film not to be missed.

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