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Thursday, May 28, 2015


Some people may not like what I say here in this post, but then do I give a damn? Nope.

Over the last few months I have been going to different blogs, movie sites and listening to pod casts, and I see a very disturbing trend, at least to me anyway.

I do know some of the people that write blogs and do pod casts, and this is not an attack on them, but the way they do the presentations. Every time they do an older film, they let their PC shine thru. I have read and listened to things about such movies as "ZAAT", "Rocket Ship XM" and many other about the portrayals of women in these films.

They blather on about "sexist" comments in the script or anything else they can find to complain about. The truth is, women are portrayed as women in these films and that is it. If you're stupid enough to watch a film and "feel" bad about comments made, then maybe you shouldn't watch the film, period.

I read that someone felt that Osa Massen's character in "Rocket ship XM" is mistreated because she won't come around to a man's way of thinking. What rubbish!! Where do people get this shit from?? Or in "ZAAT" the female scientist is second class person because she doesn't have all the goodies a male character does and she ends up having to sleep with the lead male. What crap that is.

I am not "sensitive" to any of this garbage because I was raised in a different and better time when people weren't a bunch of limp wristed, spineless idiots who "feel" everything. These are MOVIES, PEOPLE and they are entertainment, not ideologies set up by anyone. The progressive left wing pieces of crap that permeate this country have made people feel guilty about everything. Well not me.

The women are treated as women, no matter if they are ass kicking or not. I happen to like both, but I do not sit and cringe as these so called "reviewers" do whenever something touches their PC infected brains.

The thing I can't stand most about most of these liberal clowns is that they listen to modern music that uses such terms as "bitch", "ho", "slut", "nigger" and other such terms to describe women, and that is fine with them, but God forbid a woman is portrayed as weaker in a film, or should I say weaker to their PC infected brains.

Yep, you gotta love the one way street of current liberals. Is this political? Yes it is. You won't see that garbage here at all. Maybe this is the reason I never get asked to do pod casts, but that is fine with me. Most people cannot understand truth anyway, so why bother.

This is the reason I can hardly stand anything online anymore. Good Christ, if you're going to watch a movie and review or talk about it, then do just that, don't get all liberal and left wing PC about it.

I am sure this little rant has infuriated a few people who will read this, but who cares. The people it will make angry don't need to be here anyway as there are PLENTY of progressive sites for them to visit. A BIG THANKS to those who read the blog and understand what I am saying.

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