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Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Finally got time to watch a couple of pretty cool flicks.

THE TERRORNAUTS 1967 (SINISTER CINEMA) Bizarre British film about a group of scientists who are kidnapped by aliens who need help in stopping an impending invasion of Earth by evil forces in the universe.

They are given a set of intelligence tests by robot aliens and are determined to be smart enough to stop the invasion using alien equipment. This is a very quirky film shot on a very low budget, but it does seem to work well.

Zena Marshall, Simon Oates and Stanley Meadows are the three scientists an they do a good job. Marshall looks very good and it is a shame I haven't seen her in more things. Not too bad of a time killer here with a brief running time of 74 minutes.

THE PROJECTED MAN 1966 (SINISTER CINEMA) One of my all time favorite movies. Bryant Haliday stars in this thriller about a scientist who creates a matter transmitting device that is sabotaged by his boss who is working for unnamed enemy agents.

Haliday tries the experiment on himself to prove the machine works. The experiment goes terribly wrong and he is changed into a grotesque monster that kills with his touch.

Mary Peach and Norman Woodland co-star as scientists who work with Haliday and try to stop him. Lovely Tracy Crisp looks fetching as the young secretary of Haliday. The print from Sinister is gorgeous and in widescreen. This played in theaters with the timeless classic entitled "Island Of Terror". Recommended!!

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