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Friday, May 29, 2015


Watched a couple of films I haven't talked about for a very long time.

GUNS DON'T ARGUE 1957 (SINISTER CINEMA) This is a fun film all around. It is compiled from three episodes of the show "Gangbusters". This film tells the exploits of several major gangsters in the 20's and 30's and how the FBI hunted them down.

The film moves along at a very fast clip and the cast line-up is a who's who of B movie heaven. Myron Healey is John Dillinger, Jean Harvey is Ma Barker, Paul Dubov is Alvin Karpis, Sam Edwards is Fred Barker, Richard Crane is Homer Van Meter, Tamat Cooper is Bonnie Parker, Baynes Barron is Clyde Barrow, Doug Wilson is "Pretty Boy" Floyd plus you have Jim Davis, Lyle Talbot, Lash La Rue and sexy Jeanne Carmen.

I have always liked this film and it has been a long time since I'd seen it. If you like gangster films or film noir you might want to give it a try.

BULLET DON'T ARGUE 1964 (SINISTER CINEMA) Rod Cameron stars in this excellent spaghetti western about a newly married sheriff that must track down and bring back the men that robbed the bank on his wedding day.

Cameron is Pat Garrett, Horst Frank is Billy Clanton and Angel Aranda is George Clanton. Billy and George are caught by Garrett, but they find the road back is going to be tough with Billy needing medical help after being shot, lack of water and a horde of Mexican bandits after the money that has been recovered.

This is a good western that should please most fans. The print from Sinister is very good and it's widescreen.

Both of these films made for excellent viewing on a cold and rainy afternoon when I had a day off.

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