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Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Wow, it had been a while since I saw this little gem.

This story is about a small town tramp who seduces the leader of a motorcycle gang. His attempt to have sex with her is broken up by a local man named Daniel who happens to really like her. Emily as she is known watches as Daniel beats the hell out of the gang leader.

Daniel helps Emily get to safety, but then the gang finds and kills Daniels mother. meanwhile Dan is having sex with Emily when her father comes in and catches them. Emily then claims that Dan tried to rape her, and because he is black the police will believe her instead of him. This brings tragedy to Dan as he is killed in a car accident.

Emily's father then learns the truth and begins to beat her with a belt. She stabs and kills him, and then with the police hot on her trail she escapes into the traveling trailer of a minister. She actually gets away with her crimes!!

Joseph Mawra directed this gem and believe it or not it was produced by K. Gordan Murray! This is an unheralded exploitation gem that everyone simply must see. The opening is a classic set to the song "When The Saints Go Marching In".

As is usual the film captures the real taste of Louisiana that Hollywood never could. Highly recommended!!

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