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Sunday, May 24, 2015


Well, after correcting an embarrassing error I made on this blog involving a birthday, I guess it is time for another double feature I watched the other day.

SHE DEVIL 1957 (OLIVE)..I reviewed this when I finally got a chance to see it when live released it a short while back. Albert Dekker and Jack Kelly are scientists who inject a dying woman with a new serum they have created and it turns her into an indestructible monster.

Mari Blanchard is excellent in the lead role of Kyra Zelas, a woman who has nothing and is suddenly given all the power she could ever dream of. It's fun watching her steal things and kill and then escape by simply changing her hair color in seconds.

as I stated before, this is nothing but a fun little film that has sadly been overlooked, but thanks to Olive we can all enjoy it.

CRACK IN THE WORLD 1965..Another classic from Olive. Dana Andrews is a scientist who has a theory of sending a missile into the center of the earth and getting out the magma for a new energy source. Kieron Moore is a scientist who believes that this will cause a crack in the world and possibly destroy it.

Andrews goes ahead with the project anyway and it does indeed cause a huge crack that cannot be stopped. This is a great film with a top notch cast and very good special effects. Janette Scott is simply gorgeous as the young wife of Andrews.

I would highly recommend this disaster gem to anyone who likes a good sci-fi story.

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