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Tuesday, June 30, 2015


A Ray Harryhausen classic finally comes to Blu-ray.

A rocket returns from the planet Venus and crashes into the Mediterranean Sea. On that ship are two astronauts who survive as well as a canister carrying a life form from the planet.

Two fishermen rescue the men and a small boy finds the canister in the water. he opens it and takes the egg to a professor. It hatches and begins to grow at a frightening rate. The Ymir (it is never given a name in the film) is tracked and hunted by the US military and the Italian police.

It is captured, but eventually escapes and destroy some of Rome's most famous landmarks. William Hopper is the military man/astronaut who tries to capture the monster. Joan Taylor is the grand daughter of the professor who had the monster before he escaped and Thomas B. Henry and John Zaremba are on hand as well.

The real star of the film is the creature himself. A great stop motion animation monster brought to live by Ray Harryhausen who is still and always will be the undisputed master of movie special effects. The creature is a sight to behold, and to this monster kid, one that will never be forgotten.

The movie looks fantastic in HD and Mill Creek has done an excellent job with the disc. There are no extras, but who cares. This is on a double feature disc with another Harryhausen gem entitled "It Came From Beneath The Sea" which will be reviewed here soon.

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