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Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Absolutely one of the best films of it's kind!!

For years this film has been hard to get on DVD. it was released as an MOD a few years ago, but thanks to Kino/Scorpion, it has finally reached Blu-ray in a beautiful presentation that should please any horror fan.

Gorgeous Marki Bey stars as a young woman whose fiance is killed by gangsters who work for a man who wants to take over his nightclub. Bey's character Diana "Sugar" Hill seeks revenge in the form of a voodoo god named Baron Samedi (Don Pedro Colley).

Samedi grants her wish and has his creepy army of slave zombies help Sugar gain her bloody revenge. The scene where Samedi calls forth the dead is very well handled and not soon forgotten. The corpses crawl out of their graves and are armed with machetes and still wearing their slave shackles along with huge silver eyes.

Robert Quarry is Morgan, the man who had Sugar's man killed. His racist girlfriend, Celeste, is played by Betty Anne Reese and the detective on the case who used to have a relationship with Sugar is named Valentine and is played by Richard Lawson.

Morgan is insistent on buying the club from Sugar and stops at nothing to get it. Meanwhile his men are being killed one by one in very gruesome ways such as beheading, being fed to very hungry pigs and voodoo magic. Morgan sends out his main man, named Fabulous, to find out what is happening and even he falls victim to the female zombies in an unforgettable scene.

Director Paul Maslansky fills this movie with images that really stick in your head. The movie moves along at a very good pace and holds your attention. The fate for Celeste is actually probably the most disturbing in the entire film.

The rest of the wonderful cast includes Zara Cully as Mama Maitresse, Larry D. Johnson, and Charles Khron. The extras on the Blu-ray include the original trailer, on camera interviews with Don Pedro Colley, Richard Lawson, Charlie Robinson and director Paul Maslansky.

Easily one of the best releases of the year so far.

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