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Monday, June 29, 2015


22 episodes comprise another very good season for this, one of my favorite shows.

ANGELS IN VEGAS 9/13/78...Dean martin stars as a man who calls in Charlie and the Angels to find out who is behind a series of murders at his Atlantic City Casino.

ANGEL COME HOME 09/20/78...Farrah Fawcett guest stars in this tale about corruption at the Grand Prix that the Angels investigate.

ANGEL ON HIGH 9/27/78...A man learns that the woman he loved many years ago has died and left him a son. He hires the angels to make sure the man is his son.

ANGELS IN SPRINGTIME 10/11/78...When a famous actress is electrocuted at a health spa, the Angels are sent to investigate.

WINNING IS FOR LOSERS 10/18/78...A female golf pro has several attempts made on her life. This is one of my favorite all time episodes as it stars Casey Kasem and Jamie Lee Curtis.

HAUNTED ANGELS 10/25/78...Bosley thinks a friend of his might be targeted by swindlers, and the Angels go undercover to find out.

POM POM ANGELS 11/1/78...Three cheerleaders are kidnapped by a bizarre cult that forces them to cut their hair and worship a leader called "The Good One". One of the most bizarre episodes ever.

ANGELS AHOY 11/8/78...On a cruise ship a man recognizes another man as the one who killed his wife and later that same passenger is found dead. The owner then calls Charlie, and the Angels are sent in.

MOTHER ANGEL 11/15/78...After a precocious girl witnesses a murder, the Angels set out to investigate.

ANGEL ON MY MIND 11/22/78...The Angels must work to find Kris, who has amnesia after being hit by the car of a man she saw commit a murder.

ANGELS BELONG IN HEAVEN 12/6/78...A man who knows Charlie calls him to tell him that a man he knows has taken out a contract on one of the Angels. He is killed before he can tell, and the angels must quickly find the answer.

ANGELS IN THE STRETCH 12/20/78...The Angels investigate a murder at a horse race track.

ANGELS ON VACATION 1/10/79...Kris invites Bosley and the other Angels on a trip to a small town and soon they find they must rescue most of the town from gangsters that have taken over.

COUNTERFEIT ANGELS 1/24/79...Three women claiming to be the Angels commit a series of robberies and the real Angels are blamed and have to work fast to prove their innocence.

DISCO ANGELS 1/31/79...The Angels investigate stranglings at a disco. Zalman King plays a very psychopathic and sick killer.

TERROR ON SKIS 2/7/79...The government hires the Angels to investigate and find the killer of the Presdient's special aide. Great guest cast includes Cesare Danova, Christopher George and Rossano Brazzi.

ANGEL IN A BOX 2/14/79...A man blames Jill for being the reason his son is dead, so he kidnaps Kris and laves several clues. Farrah Fawcett guest stars again.

TEEN ANGELS 2/28/79...While investigating a murder at a girls school, the Angles find some of the girls selling pills and abusing drugs.

MARATHON ANGEL 3/7/79...After the disappearance of two women who were running a marathon, the Angels investigate as Kris and Kelly join the race.

ANGELS IN WAITING 3/21/79...Bosley is stalked by a killer he and Charlie sent to prison seversl years earlier.

ROSEMARY FOR REMEMBRANCE 5/2/79...The Angels investigate who is trying to murder a man who was released from prison after 44 years.

ANGELS REMEMBERED 5/16/79...The final show of season three takes a look at some previous episodes via flashbacks when Charlie and the Angels get together.

This was the last year that Kate Jackson was involved with the show. Shelly Hack would join the cast in Season 4. And what can I say about Cheryl Ladd? Always my favorite Angel.

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