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Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Here are a couple of films I watched the other day that are about as far apart as you could want.

BONNIE'S KIDS 1973 (DARK SKY)....In the 1970's America was a free country and there was much more freedom when making movies, and this is a prime example. Ellie (gorgeous Tiffany Bolling) and her younger sister Myra (Robin Mattson) go to live with their last living relative after Ellie kills their abusive step father and hide the body.

They stay with their Uncle Ben (Scott Brady)and Ellie becomes involved in crime when she and a man she meets are to pick up a suitcase full of money. They decide to keep it for themselves and become involved in things that begin spiraling out of control.

Ben sends two hitmen, Digger (Timothy Brown)and Eddy (Alex Rocco) to get the money back and kill anyone who comes into contact with it. This duo will remind you of the duo in "Pulp Fiction", but this is better.

Bolling and Mattson are both very sexy and they use this to get what they want and need in this film. Film makers could never make a film like this today, and that is why the 70's was the BEST decade ever for exploitation cinema. This is a must see film!!

HORROR OF PARTY BEACH 1964 (DARK SKY).... Radioactive waste turns skeletons into weird and bizarre monsters that need human blood to live. Del Tenney brings to the screen one of the most enjoyable monster films of the 60's.

This movie has it all, sandy beaches, great monsters, and music provided by the Del-Aires. What more could you want? A scientist discovers that sodium will kill the beasts, and the race is one to do just that.

This film has some great scenes including the often edited attack on a slumber party. I could never figure out why this scene was edited, but it is good that Dark Sky gave us a beautiful, unedited print of this film. Not as bad as all the reviewers say it is. Check it out.

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