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Sunday, June 28, 2015


This Danish made sci-fi gem finally gets the Blu-ray treatment.

I have reviewed this here before, but I wanted to do a short look at the Blu-ray disc.

The tail of a prehistoric monster is discovered in a drilling and brought to Copenhagen where it thaws and starts to grows at a rapid rate.

The monster escapes from a lab and goes on the rampage while the military tries to stop it. As you know the creature resembles a deformed snake with wings. It is a shame the scenes of Reptilicus flying have been cut from the US release. I was hoping they would at least be an extra on the disc, but no such luck.

This is a fun monster romp that looks excellent in Blu-ray. Shout has made their HD transfer look better than the film has a right to look. This film is on a double feature disc with the previously reviewed "Tentacles". It is recommended for any monster movie fan.

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